“NO Foreign” Meet California’s new rising Trap Queen@noforeign


NO Foreign is one of the fastest growing latin rap artist breaking down barriers with her super sexual “Boss Up” attitude in the rap race to the top.  Her approach seems to be explicit, hard, but sooo sexual that we guarantee you will keep searching for more. The El Salvadorian/Mexican princess will also have you guessing where did she grow the shape of her thick ass and volumptuous chess? From our research its all hard work from living a super fitness lifestyle that consist of working out and dancing. Damn she’s blessed.

The latest works on No Foreign include Tay K “The Race” (Remix) which she twisted it to her own style that she makes it sounds so easy the way she rides the beat like a seasoned artist. Her latest video (Gummo Remix) is also crazy which she is going in with the bars. OMG where did this super sexy woman fall out the sky from but anyway all we see is pure success for this new rising star.

For more on No Foreign you can follow her Instagram @noforeign

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