From Chicago To LA Meet A New Rising Rapper Frank C Grimes



From Chicago to LA meet a new rising rapper, Frank C Grimes.   Back when Lupe was first taking off, there was a young rapper by the name Frank C Grimes in the trenches patiently awaiting and honing his skills to eventually one day create a name for himself. A day that is working its way very soon despite years of late night studio sessions and countless memories of homies gunned down due to Chicago’s gang violence.

Born and raised on the Southside of Chicago in the Chatham neighborhood  near 87th and Cottage Grove, Frank survived the everyday struggles of the gang culture and violence by sticking to school and music. Frank found his sanctuary in the shadows of legends like Jeremih, Lupe Fiasco, White Chalk, Pheave, Really Doe. and Kanye West. Witnessing the success of these icons gave him the push to start spitting, which in his heart he always felt that one day he would have his time to shine. Well, that one day is fast approaching. Grimes is starting to pick up  popularity in Blogs and his music is gaining tractions.  Grimes did his thang on a joint called “Hardaway,” which is a freakin classic. Check out below:

Frank is also currently dropping another banger called Stardom check it out below:

 Now residing in California Frank is really dedicated to family and music. Franks often hang out with his college friend and (Super Star Singer) Jeremiah. The two went to school together in Champlain Illinois and also lived together for a short time. In fact Jerimih landed his deal when they were in college together.  For more information on Frank C Grimes you can follow him on Instagram Here

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