Will The War In The Hoods In Chicago Ever End?

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2016 seems like 1993 a cold hearted cycle of unanswered questions to why so many are shot and killed in the (then) “Windy City” and the (now) “Chiraq”. The murder rate seem to keep climbing and creeping up on untimely deaths like a  cancer that just will not go away. Shot after shot, young men and young women alike but different continue to look at each other with hate. Am I my brothers keeper? Not in Chiraq. The youth seem to blossom at the thought of killing like “it’s the thing to do,” especially when they lose one of their own. What seems to be the purpose? What seems to be the cause?manarrested

        One possibility could be the aftereffect of decades of impoverished conditions that plagued the urban communities compounded by years of hard drug addiction that left so many young adults empty, lost, and without direction due to parents strung out. In the early 90’s the crack error was at its crest destroying community after community sending young black males to prison at an alarming rate for drugs, assaults, murders, and car-jackings. Like an open pit that never crests, so many young black adults were imprisoned, that till this day is either still serving time or has passed on. A continued process that till this day still is going strong. So what is the answer? What can be done?

     Chicago needs a major intervention. What most do not know is Chicago has a major influence in every other urban community across the United States and even abroad in certain countries. Chicago has always been the forefront for strong gang leadership, dating all the way back since the 60’s. Since the days of the main 21’s and the divisional split of those chapters, the U.S. were gatewayed with factions spreading out all over the U.S. The spread of crack cocaine in the 80’s help fuel those factions and multiply into empowered machines until the “War On Drugs” administration hammered hard on gang leaders and crews sending so many to prison under the R.I.C.O. Act and conspiracy laws.

    Now 2016,  Chicago Urban communities is  still suffering from years of the same destruction that has destroyed so many lives. So again what is the answer? What can be done? The answer is desegregation of the southside of Chicago. Integrating theFort younger. communities will bring more dollars to the southside creating a need to attract business and infrastructure. With more infrastructure and an increase in diversity this will attract businesses to migrate which will create more jobs and give worthy adults more opportunity to make enough money to help live a better life. You have to change the mindset of the young to make them believe that there is opportunity for them. Once other youths witness successful young urban kids working and establishing a good life for themselves then others will follow. There are so many youth who just want opportunity. A way to live safe, eat healthy meals, and not have to worry what tomorrow may bring. This is why families of non black descent tend to be more productive. Most of them in the U.S. do not and will not have to live a life of chance nor have to worry about not surviving pass the age of 21.

    Lastly, we also need to change the defoulement that is destroying their minds and their body. Drugs, alcohol, chemicals, and high sugar diets is the ultimate culprit and the fuel behind the irrational behavior of most of the urban youth. We strongly believe blunt papers along with the drugs are driving the minds of the youth insane. Most of the youth who pop Molly’s, Flats, and ingest chemically induce tobacco papers all seem to have high tempers, depression, and a lost sense of reality. “Chemical bombs” that are driving the youth mad, and when you mix in guns now you have what we see day after day senseless shootings.

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