Chief Keef Attack On Producer Leads To New Evidence That War In Chiraq Amongst Two Rival Gangs Is Fueled By Hollywood Make Believe.


Chief Keef attack on producer leads to new evidence that the war in Chiraq amongst two rival gangs is fueled by Hollywood make believe. “Ramsey The Great” Chief Keef’s Producer is surfacing into every social media outlet with allegations that Chief Keef along with some cohorts entered a home that he was sleeping in and attacked him. If true this may be one of the dumbest crimes in history and could leave Chief Keef to a lot of time behind bars. You can catch the full interview thanks to @TheRealZacktv1. Now to move a little in debt with the interview and our shocking discovery, from 10:00 minutes on out through the interview Ramsey the Great explains how Chief Keef, Famous Dex, Billionaire Black, who are all rival gang members are really cool and have fun together. This is shocking because a lot of kids are dying in Chicago because of the a so called “Gang War” that now we are finding out that the same key figures who has become famous from the so called “beef” are really not beefing but hanging out getting rich off the violence. “Wow”, this is so unbelievable but finally we have an insider who has admitted to the facade.

You can check out the interview above and once again we thank @TheRealZacktv1 for asking the right questions that could lead to a world wind of changes in Chicago which hopefully helps to end a senseless war on these young people.

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